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Special Projects

If innovative rigging solutions are required, our Advanced Rigger/General Manager has a unique record in the industry. From sign installations and road bridges to fabric-tensioned roof cleaning or factory demolition, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and expertise.

Installations & Repairs

Installation and maintenance of signs is a direct application of Industrial Rope Access. Our expert personnel can also weld, cut and perform mechanical and erection work, often eliminating complications arising from the use of scaffolding.

Painting & Coatings

Inaccessible painting projects, whether small touch-ups or large jobs, are ideally suited to Industrial Rope Access techniques. We are fully conversant with all modern coating systems and are at the cutting edge in all aspects of blasting, prepping,painting and membrane application.


We can clean any and all surfaces on high-rise buildings or glass atriums, inaccessible ceiling beams and high-rise tiled surfaces. In industrial settings, including off shore environments, we are expert in the use of high pressure cleaning equipment, to degrease or prepare surfaces for coating applications, inspections etc.


Our trained personnel can effectively access inaccessible areas anywhere, anytime, and perform a full range of inspection procedures. All stages of inspections are digitally recorded and presented with a detailed report of the work carried out.


Use Sydney's best Rope Access Company, Practical Access Solutions, for your next maintenance project, and we can save you a packet of money (NO Scaffolding) plus give you a guaranteed result of the highest standard of workmanship.

Practical Access Solutions

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  • Our technicians are all experienced and highly trained in all aspects of commercial rope access, safety and rescue.
  • All are experienced and well qualified in the building maintenance and remedial services.
  • All our projects are overseen by our Advanced Rigger who ensures that all work is carried out expertly and safely.
  • Minimum of disruption to owners and tenants on site.
  • We guarantee the quality of all our services.

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